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Who We Are

Spainmed provides qualified legal support to companies operating in the Spanish market. The list of Spainmed professional legal services includes:

  • Consultations in the field of criminal and civil law (including family, inheritance, labor, constitutional and commercial law)
  • Consultations in the field of property rights.
  • Formation of commercial companies.
  • Amending the charter of enterprises.
  • Restructuring of companies.
  • Reorganization of the company through merger, transformation and takeover;
  • Liquidation of the company through bankruptcy in accordance with applicable laws of Spain.
  • Financing of real estate projects.
  • The formation of the project structure, its financial, regulatory, environmental and contractual analysis.
  • Creation and approval of draft contracts (including contracts for the construction, delivery and further sale of the product).
  • Creation and coordination of mandates and preliminary financing agreements.
  • Development and approval of loan agreements, interest rate hedging instruments, collateral and sponsorship agreements, as well as agreements between lenders.

Consulting and Legal Support for Enterprises

We provide the services of a lawyer if necessary, legal protection of the organization, its leaders and employees in court, as well as legal protection in investigations of the prosecutor’s office for economic crimes, for crimes against the environment, etc. Highly qualified lawyers and criminal lawyers will help reduce the risks posed by the actions of labor authorities, environmental authorities, the National Competition Commission (CNC), the Bank of Spain and the State Tax Administration (AEAT). The comprehensive work of a team of professionals: forensic experts, labor law specialists and tax specialists, provides for the disclosure of bad management and the return of assets, as well as expropriated property of the enterprise. Spainmed employees also provide services to monitor compliance of the company with the laws of the country. We hold consultations to strengthen the organization’s structure, ensure effective compliance with standards and prevent the commission of crimes. If you are interested in the rights of Russian tourists in Spain or if you need to receive an inheritance in this country, you can also contact our specialists.

Export and Import in Spain: Conducting International trade with SPAINMED

Spainmed specializes in providing business consulting services for companies that decide to trade with companies in Spain, Latin America and Russia. We will help you achieve optimal results in promoting your brand and success in doing business in Spain and abroad. Our experts provide expert assistance in resolving issues related to:

  • International trade.
  • Letters of credit, money orders and other means of international payments.
  • Financing international transactions.
  • International payment guarantees.
  • Settlement of disputes arising in the field of international commercial arbitration and international sales.
  • Export credit insurances.

Spainmed team works throughout Spain, as well as Latin America and Russia. Our employees provide staff support and provide the necessary advice regarding duty free trade, imports and exports between Spain and Russia. We offer cooperation on the basis of outsourcing and provide business consultations in the field of international relations. If you have any questions, please don not hesitate to contact us.

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